There is no good rebetiko performance without tsakismata. A tsakisma belched with excellence at the right moment and in accordance to the rythm is like a red label seal on a ham : the evidence of quality and authenticity. However, anyone can notice that the audience of greek music makes less and less usage of them, even none, or in the best case is hardly able to bark a poor "Geia sou Giwrgo!".
In order to palliate the lack of imagination of the public in the taverns, the Talimpanoi tou Rempetikou® are proud to present you the first and unique Tsakismata Automatic Generator®.
According to your perseverance, the Tsakismata Automatic Generator® may produce randomously up to 11,688,200,277,601 different original tsakismata based on genuine parts of "roots" rebetic tsakismata. Enjoy!
Note : For compatibility and ergonomic reasons, the tsakismata are displayed using the greeklish internet alphabet, where "w" is Omega, "h" is Eta, "x" is Khi, "3" is Ksi, "4" is Psi, "8" is Theta...
Antwnhs o gourouno-teketzhs




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